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    Connecting, sealing and fixing of speedpipe inside the building.

Fire protection and safe networks in the building:

speedpipe indoor fittings as supplement to speedpipe indoor are tested accoring to the standards EN 61386-22, DIN EN 13501-1 and DIN EN 60684-2: hardly inflammable, halogen-free.

Divisible indoor seals

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indoor identification labels with microduct end-cap

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Indoor bends

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Divisible indoor connectors with gas-block

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Indoor connectors

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indoor end stops

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Divisible indoor connectors

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speedpipe subduct

The first step in broadband expansion: use existing duct systems.

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speedpipe for direct burying

The second step in broadband expansion: the new construction of duct routes.

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speedpipe fittings

Connecting, sealing and fixing of duct systems

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