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    Broadband development

Plan your fibre optics today for tomorrow.

In times when a bandwith of 30 megabit per second still was considered as "need-based", it is definite: only fibre optic up to the building and inside the building - fulfill the requirements of the future.

1. Existence analysis: 
Use existing duct systems 
2. Plan new routes

Speedpipe vorhandene Rohrsysteme

Step 1 in broadband expansion: speedpipe for utilization in existing duct systems.

The fastest and cheapes way of broadband expansion: Reduction of underground engineering costs by using existing duct systems. PE-HD ducts that are empty or occupied with cables, or cable duct systems often contain valuable and unused space under the ground. With the speedpipe system - as well small single ducts as bundles - for subduct solutions often would have space beside already installed cables. This way you exploit existing ressources at an optimum and remain flexible for the future.

speedpipe in-duct
speedpipe-ground Neubau Rohrtrassen

2. step in broadband expansion: speedpipe ground for expansion and new construction of new duct routes.

In case no existing duct systems are available for sections of a fibre optic project, the new construction of underground routes is recommended - especially with regard to safety and durability of the fibre optic network. At the construction of fibre optic routes using speedpipe ground and speedpipe bundles for direct burying, you can dispense with additional protective pipes without any loss of performance. You save material and working hours: no additional storing of protective pipes, no additional blowing in process for microducts. In only one step - the professional laying of speedpipe ground - you establish a long-lasting passive infrastructure for longstanding high ranges at blowing in fibre optic cables.


speedpipe Ground Installation

FTTB - Fibre optic up to the building
Broadband expansion explained in just a few steps.

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