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    Ploughing in speedpipe ground bundles

A cheap and quick variant for the new construction of fibre optic routes outside localities.

Quickly lay many kilometers of speedpipe.

The cable or duct plough lays a microduct system in one go: open the duct trench, insert the bundle, reconstruct ground cover.

Speedpipe Rohrverbaende Pflugverfahren

How it works

The SRV-G tc must be torn off the spool. Please particularly pay attention to a linear laying under tension (spool braked). Besides this laying provision please also consider eventually existing provisions of the manufacturer for ploughing in SRV-G tc, ducts or cables.

Gabocom speedpipe-ground Glasfaser einblasen

When can I use the ploughing method?

  • No consolidated road surface
  • No obstacles under the ground 
  • The position of external plants is known
  • No objections on the part of nature conservation

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