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    Blow fibre optics into speedpipe.

The most efficient way of occupating microduct system with fibre optic cables: blowing in or jetting in.

Gabocom speedpipe-ground Glasfaser einblasen oder einjetten

Distances beyond 1.000 meters*

Due to the internal slide ribs of speedpipe and speedpipe ground an ideal air stream arises, in which the fibre optic cable slides through the speedpipe over long distances.

*in case of professional laying, optimum blowing in equipment and appropriate cable.

Gabocom speedpipe-ground Glasfaser einblasen/befestigen

Blowing in equipment

First of all fibre optic cables and speedpipe are inserted to the blowing in device. Afterwards compressed air of the blowing in devices and compressors makes your fibre optic cable slide through the speedpipe in a few minutes. At the end the excess lengths are stored - best in protective elements like the cable box.

Gabocom speedpipe-ground Glasfaser einblasen

What deserves special attention?

  • The quality of the microduct is decisive for the range -  speedpipe is your first choice!
  • The cable diameter compared to the available inside diameter of the speedpipe neither should be too big nor too small - we will gladly advise you!
  • Best results are achieved in case of professional laying, optimum blowing in equipment and appropriate cables. 

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