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    Environmental protection - Human protection - Resource conservation


Our responsibility.

Johannes Pruchnow

As Managing Director of gabo Systemtechnik GmbH sustainability is of utmost importance for me.
We at gabocom define sustainability comprehensively.
For us, it implies environmental protection, reduction of resource consumption as well as employee safety and security.

With our durable, long-living products we support the fibre rollout. Fibre broadband is innovative, performant and the transmission technology with the lowest energy consumption.

We are now certified for sustainability and have established a catalogue of measures to improve further.
Together we will develop gabocom into a leader in sustainability in the telecoms supplier industry.

Statement Johannes Pruchnow, Managing Director

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Statements on sustainability

Environmental protection and resource conservation
Statement Roland Lederer, Managing Director Sales & Marketing
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Responsible use of resources
Statement Filipe Santos, Board Representative
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Resource conservation, environmental protection and employee safety
Statement Johannes Pruchnow, Managing Director
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Reducing emissions and conserving resources
Statement Alexander Gilch, Head of Purchasing & Disposition
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Climate protection also means protecting people
Statement Robert Binder, Managing Director Finance
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Our goals

Sustainability and resource protection have always been important to gabocom. The durability and efficiency of our products is just as important as many big and small optimisations to conserve resources. Great successes have already been achieved in recent years, for example:

Water treatment

  • Coolers which use the outside air during winter have been installed and by this, among other things, the water treatment has been optimised. Additionally, this method reduces significantly the electricity demand.
  • The destruction of outdated cooling towers also contributed significantly to the improvement. The implementation of a modern, effective system optimised water treatment.
  • In addition, IT software and systems were optimised. Despite a significant increase in production volume and thus an increase of material to be cooled, the consumption of utilities did not increase due to the modernisation of the refrigeration facility.

Power consumption

In 2014, gabocom set itself the goal of reducing electricity consumption by 3% until 2020:

  • An easy and at the same time efficient example of reducing electricity demand is the switch to LED lighting. This was additionally supported by automatic on/off control panels in many areas of the company. Furthermore, the greatest possible use of daylight is pleasant and beneficial for both our employees and nature.
  • Significant energy savings were achieved by reducing the amount of compressed air needed for production. Furthermore, the savings were increased by the renewal of a hall compressor, as well as by optimising the entire compressed air network, including regular leak detection, and by replacing compressed air equipment with modern energy-saving blowers. 
  • A further reduction of the energy demand and at the same time an increase in efficiency has been achieved by a new insulation system in the production of speedpipe. Regular inspections and maintenance of insulation contribute significantly to the reduction of the company's electricity demand.

Thanks to these and many other measures, as well as the great commitment of the employees, it was possible to achieve the set goal already in 2015, i.e. after only one year. By 2020, gabocom's electricity consumption was reduced by more than 14%.

We are carbon transparent.

But we won't rest on our laurels: in 2021, an extensive and continuous data analysis was kicked-off. Besides these measures discussed above, we now want to collect, control and share our carbon emissions. gabocom is now carbon transparent. Thanks to our external partner .planetly and our highly committed employees, we are now able to collect and calculate all of our emissions from all departments on a yearly basis. Our emissions will be published every year in a report, following the GHG protocol and giving full transparency to everyone about our CO² footprint and further reduction and other measures taken. Protecting our planet and operating more sustainably is a collective mission so being transparent about our footprint and efforts is a key priority at gabocom.



Our certificates

140001:2015 ISO Zertifizierung Umweltmanagementsystem
DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 Energiemanagementsystem

Already in 2014, gabocom was certified for the application of an efficient energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

The great commitment to sustainability was further certified in 2015 by the certificate for the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001. Environmental protection is firmly anchored in gabocom's corporate mission statement.

The recurring performance of the required audits and the continuous process optimisation in ongoing operations are a given for gabocom. New internal energy and environmental targets are set annually.

Our project team

Projektteam Nachhaltigkeit

from left: Johannes Pruchnow, Alexander Gilch, Robert Binder, Filipe Santos und Roland Lederer

Supported by numerous committed employees from all departments, the internal project team plans, controls and monitors further measures for more sustainability at gabocom.

That is what we are committed to!

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